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Update of 25/06/2023

- The launcher is now optimised to launch the game much more quickly.
- Fixed positions displayed in FFA.
- Fixed .vs when entering FFA.
- Fixed buff dispel when dying in FFA.
- Fixed sacred servants always attacking at the end of a duel.
- Fixed chest spawns / keymasters in the eye of tiamaranta.

- Increased GP gain in FFA and BG.
- Increased the number of blue and gold chests in PvP maps.
- Reduced repop time for green, blue and gold chests in PvP maps.
- Reduced repop time for Keymasters in PvP maps.
- Increased the number of Zumita in PvP maps.
- Removal of the ability to group in interfaction.
The interfaction group system is temporarily withdrawn while we find a solution so that you can't have an interfaction group during an RvR.
- Reduction in the price of geranium medals in the shop.
- Customisation of killing spree messages in ffa.
- Increased GP gain in RvR when capturing a fortress.
- Increased GP gain in RvR when attempting/losing a fortress.
- Fixed the calculation of rates for GP/AP/XP/DP in solo pvp.
- Creation of a new "Bag containing a key" item that can be obtained every 5 kills in PvP.
The bag contains a key randomly selected from green, blue and gold.

- Removal of the major gift of blessed mana, obtainable every 50 kills.

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