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Update of 11/06/2023

:new: Creation of the .enchant command
- You can now enchant your equipment for tolls (1 toll per enchantment level).
- The command automatically calculates the points needed to enchant according to the enchantment level.
- It automatically increases your equipment to the maximum enchantable level if you have the required tolls.
thumbup PvP Map
- The number of green chests on the pvp map has been increased from 8 to 14.
:arrow_double_down: Miniboss
- We've made it easier to damage minibosses.
thumbup Rates
- The amount of resources harvested has been increased from 1 to 5.

:new: Siege planning overhaul

- All the fortresses in the game are now back in place.
- A new schedule is available and can be seen in the lounge #information
- RvRs now start at 9:00pm instead of 9:10pm.
- Dredgion attacks are more frequent.

thumbup Kills rewards update

- From now on you'll get a ceranium medal chest every kill which will contain from 1 to 3 ceranium medals.

:new: .gm command added

- You can now use the .gm command followed by your message to contact GMs who are online in-game.

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