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Update of 04/06/2023

- Fixed all skills with random damage (e.g. elimination strike).
- Fixed the fact that spells cast by pvp players cannot be interrupted outside of control spells (under test).
- Fixed the death bug that could occur in RvR.
- Reloading is now available during RvR.
- The PvP map has been reduced from 3 to a maximum of 2 people per group due to the small size of the map.
:new: Mini-Bosses are now available on the PvP map servers.
- Twice a day, a boss will appear on the PvP map (5pm, 10:25pm).
- You must kill them to get special rewards.
:warning: Be careful, you can't manage it on your own.

:new: A new system is being tested on the server.
- Automatically if you kill more than 4 people in a row you will activate an event, you will be a "serial killer".
  You will gain a special title on your character, and all players on the map will see your position on the map.
  You will lose this title over time or when you are killed by another player.
  We'll be adding new features and rewards later.

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