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Update of 02/06/2023

- :arrow_right_hook: Reduction in the price of frames in the shop.
- :arrow_right_hook: Reduction of the price of Candies + increase of the number of candy obtained in shop.
- :arrow_right_hook: Reduced the price of mana stones in the shop.
- :arrow_right_hook: Reduction in the price of consumables in the shop.
- :arrow_right_hook: Reduce the price of Divine Stones in the shop.
- :new: New FFA daytime hours added.
- :new: Added the ability to group regardless of faction for instances or map pvp.
- :new: The maximum number of people per group in PvP maps has been reduced from 3 to 2.
- thumbup Modification of nerfs that were too important for some classes.
The nerfs of all classes except the ranger have been reduced very slightly.
- :new: The gunner's "Phantasmagorical Cannon" nerf has been reduced by 25% (Under Test).
Added the following mana stones to the starting bundle:
- Magic Accuracy +14 / Physical Crit +8
- Magic Accuracy +14 / Attack +2
- Physical Crit +17 / Magic Accuracy +7
- Attack +5 / Magic Accuracy  +7

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