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Update of 28/05/2023

- :hammer: Fixed duels on the common map.
- :hammer: Fixed some missing spawns.
- :hammer: Fix .suicide command (forgotten in previous patch).
- :hammer: Fixed .npcitem command (forgotten in previous patch).
- :hammer: Fixed the fact that you couldn't use the "shock dissipation" skill on the templar's shield counterattack skill.
- :hammer: Fixed siege timings on Bassen and Pradès.
- :hammer: Removed the FFA map "Mantor" where there were problems with walls in the middle of the map.
- thumbup Updated the RNG system on the server.
We have reviewed the RNG system on the server, it should be more consistent than before.
This affects RNG on enchanting jewels/feathers.
- :arrow_right_hook: The .vs command has been changed from 5 to 10 minutes CD.
- :new: An anti double accounts system has been implemented in BG.
- thumbup Changes to Minitolls
From now on, Minitolls will be divided by the number of people in your group, to encourage PvP when there are only a few of you.
What's more, Minitolls are now only awarded to the group of the person with the kill tag.
Return of classic PvE instances, all instances are back in place except Bastion of the Wall of Steel.

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