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#1 11-05-2023 08:20:54

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Update of 11/05/2023


Fixed the fact that if players did not select the right starting class, open chests were lost.
Corrections of the kills announcements, entry in PvP map, they are now displayed only on the pvp map.
Fixed the price of .all, it is now free.
Fixed respawn points in the PvP map.
Fixed the maximum cube extensions in your capitals. You can now unlock two additional slot lines for kinahs.
Fixed pets not working properly.
Fixed the .gmlist command, it now works correctly.


Removed faction guards in the eye of tiamaranta.
Rebalanced the HP / damage of the monsters in the eye.
Added new spawn and respawn points in the PvP map.
- Added 5 new spawn/respawn points.
Added a new item to the npc **likya** to get consumables for 25 PvE coins. (You can choose what you want from the bag, there is no candy).
Rebalancing of the HP / damage of the mobs of fortesses so that they are feasible in weak number (you will need a heal nevertheless).
Now you automatically learn your spells after creating and choosing your class.
Reduced the cd of the .vs command to 5 minutes.

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