The rules of Dawn of Time
Respect the others players :

Keep in mind that the players you meet are also there to have fun, not necessarily to help you, and certainly not to support your humor excess.

Freedom of action :

Your freedom ends where begins the other players, which means you are free to do whatever you like, insofar as it does not interfere with other players where the atmosphere of the server

publicities :

The publicity for other servers is totally forbidden on the Dawn of time. It is a cause of definitive banishment.

Chatting channels :

Chatting channels are available so you can communicate with other players.

However, it's important to follow the themes of these, it's strictly forbidden to be rude, insulting, under pain of severe penalties taken by the team of Dawn of Time.

Requests to Dawn of Time team :

It serves no purpose to harass the Dawn of Time team to obtain objects, medals, Abyss points, ...

Email address :

The email address you provide must be valid, it is used for the confirmation of your registration.

The name, gender, appearance changes :

You can change the look of your character as well as his name and gender using event items available in the shop of the Dawn of Time.

The character transfers :

The character transfers is permitted on the Dawn of Time

Punishments :

- Cheating :
Banishment of a week and loss of earnings.

Permanent ban if repeated.

- Exploitation de bug :
Banishment of a week and destruction of the benefits achieved by the bug and an additional penalty.

Permanent ban if repeated.

- Insulting inappropriate:
Jail for 1h.

Ban 24h if repeated, After three warnings a banishment a week.

Permanent ban if repeated.

- Warning :
A player who register on a new account after being banned from Dawn of Time better show himself little and have exemplary behavior, because the staff will show less indulgent toward him.
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