Events in progress:

  • 21:00-22:00 Bassen - Sillus
  • 22:00-22:20 Bingo
  • 22:25-22:40 Mini Boss


Registration form

Don't include special characters in your registration, characters "^ ¨ ` à ç è ' " é | # @ ( ) § ! [ ] {} ) + -" are prohibited in your username and your password.

If your informations are incorrect, Dawn of Time can remove it at any time.

Account informations

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I accept the rules


Respect for the other people :

It is asked to the players to address with the other players as well as the staff respectfully.

Keep in mind that the players whom you meet are also there to have fun, not necessarily to help you and certainly not to support your bad-humored excesses.

Freedom of action :

Your freedom stops where that of the other players begins, that is you are free to make that well seems to you, as far as it does not harm to the other players or to the atmosphere of the server.

It is forbidden to wear offensive, racist, homophobic names or to incite the other players to a selective hatred.

Any shape of harassment will pull a penalty, this rule considers as the rustles and the messages on discord also! It applies for the player to his companions and the staff.

This one can have an opinion different from the player, it is not a reason to be respectful any more in your words.

It is asked to the players to listen to the requests of the members of the staff of the Dawn of Time, these requests must be pronounced by the character GM of the member of the staff, not his character player.

Indeed, a GM connected under his character player has no hierarchical value.

Not to encourage the others to break rules and the broadcasting of rumors will not be accepted.

It is forbidden be been thought of as a member of the staff. This rule applies so well to the players as to the legions or the names of characters.

If you have a problem, would like refer to the members of the staff recognized as such.

The flood / spam is not authorized with the exception of players requests to find companions to make an authority. This rule does not apply to the members of the staff.

The members of the staff stay in your listening for suggestions or discussions as long as these stay calm and a climate of politeness is established.

If a player is banished, it is for a reason. The creation of an other one just account to continue the taunt is not authorized and can bring to heavy penalties.

As a reminder, the staff of the Dawn of Time detains a specific discord. The work is supplied even if it is not visible in the eyes of everybody.

It is forbidden to reveal personal information on other players.

PvP :

The spawnkill is not authorized safe in case of RvR at the level of kisks but certainly not near of obelisks.

To pull the entrance of an authority is limited to 30 minutes after you are obliged to let in the players to their authorities.

The arenas of the ordalie are there to make duels.

It is not agreed to connect with another just account to take advantage of free rewards.

It is not either agreed to organize with a friend of the meetings to win the rewards.

If you want to go there ordalie, make the message pass on Discord, in .5 or via a .gm which will make the message pass.

Events :

Events are organized, please follow the rules of the members of the staff and be present in the channel @Évènements on Discord.

You will not obtain rewards if you disconnect before the end of an event, if you leave this one or if you are not active throughout his duration. Unless you give a valid reason for this departure.

The channels of discussion :

The channels of discussions are at your disposal so that you can communicate with the other players. That is Discord, directly via the site or in game or with the order .gm your message.

Nevertheless, it is important to respect the themes of these.

Ask for them to the team of the Down of Time :

The members of the staff of the Down of Time were promoted to the rank of Staff for a reason. They know what they're doing and know how to follow the limits imposed by the founder. Indeed, he is not of no use to harass the team of the Down of Time to obtain objects, medals, abyssal points, honor points, ...

If a complaint against a member of the staff must be carried, this one will be sent to Mestoph because he is placed above everybody hierarchically speaking.

It is also possible to speak about it to the person in charge of the staff (Leader Staff).

Any loss of items will not be paid off by the members of the staff whatever is the motive without proofs (screen/video with one/time (order to show the hour and the date in game)).

As a reminder, it is possible to get in touch with the staff via Discord, the Forum, site or order .gm in game.

If you make an error in the shop, in game, it's your fault ... Read correctly.

If you are stuck, use the order/retreat, .suicide or the repair of character in the options of characters on the site of the Down of Time.

If you have a sendlog during an authority, an event, a RvR and that you do not receive your rewards the staff is for nothing there.

The e-mail address :

The e-mail address which you give must be valid, this one is used for the confirmation of your registration and the recovery of the password.

For safety reasons, he is recommended of do not share your account. The team of the Down of Time is not responsible for the loss of your account in this case or for the banishment of your account. Indeed, the penalties are bound to the account. A "friend" Which is sanctioned will be on this account.

The staff will not ask you for name of account nor password unless you are victims of an important bug where to share your name of account can accelerate the help supplied by the developer.

Any sale of objects of the game or the account against some real money is not authorized and will pull a strong penalty.

The change of name, genre and appearance :

It is possible to change the appearance of your character as well as its name and its genre by means of available factual objects in the shop of the Dawn of Time. This one is available that on-line.

It is enough to vote for the server on the site of the Dawn of Time to obtain points of vote.

The change of class :

The change of class is authorized on the Dawn of Time. it costs 20 tears. For a change of class, it is necessary to get in touch with a member of the staff.

The price of the change can vary without being necessarily written in this payment. Think of getting in touch with a member(limb) of the staff to have an answer which will confirm its statements.

The change of faction is no more application on the server.

Names :

The racist, homophobic, offensive or vulgar names of characters, legion are not tolerated.

The names of legions everything in capital letters are accepted.

The double account :

It is totally forbidden to make of the double account in the RvR, events, authorities, FFA, BG, FvF and PvP …

Cheating, abuse of bugs and third programs :

It is forbidden to examine of macro, programs of cheating which can be used on the server of the Dawn of time.

Any bug found by a player must have gone back to the staff. The excessive use of this bug can pull a penalty. it is accepted of course by a player to use a bug in front of a GM to show him this said bug.

The automobile-click is authorized.

Do not modify the client.

The penalties :

- Insults / Harassment :

The moderators reserve the right to punish according to the facts, to the gravity.

- Not indicated bugs / Use bug / Cheating :

Destruction of the advantages obtained by the bug.
If second offense a heavier penalty can be applied.

- Warning :

A player who reregisters having been banished from the Dawn of Time in interest to make quite small and to show an exemplary behavior, because the team will show much less indulgence to him.

- Conclusion :

The team of The Dawn of Time has the right to change this payment without advance notice. But cannot change it at the time of a dispute to use it in its profit.

Anyway, in case of concerns, the team of the Dawn of Time has the last words.