Help : Classes

Scout - Mage - Priest - Artist - Engineer
Gladiator Tasks
Gladiators follow the Star of the Sword.

They are premier front line soldiers, as their strength and accuracy are of a lethal advantage during melee combat.

Their strengths lie in the skilful handling of a variety of different weapons and their ability to quickly learn a number of battle techniques, making them extremely versatile.

Important attributes : power, health, agility
Templar Tasks
The Templar can be your knight in shining armour.

He is usually found at the forefront of an attack, putting his highly skilled abilities to the test: defence, healing and forcefully striking his enemies.

He uses chants and incantation spells to do so, but also swords, maces and shields.

Important attributes : power, health, accuracy
Warrior - Mage - Priest - Artist - Engineer
Ranger Tasks
The Ranger’s skilled eye is vital in combat.

He is excellent at wielding a bow and his arrows pose a lethal threat to enemies.

He is quick and adaptable on the battlefield.

He is also a master with various traps, giving any group a tactical advantage.

In melee he can cleverly handle both dagger and sword.

Important attributes : agility, health, accuracy
Assassin Tasks
The Assassin follows the Star of Death.

He is a master of disguise and surprise: he has a trained eye for his enemy’s vital spots and can inflict great amounts of damage instantly.

His favourite tools are poisoned blades, bows and swords.

Important attributes : agility, precision, power
Warrior - Scout - Priest - Artist - Engineer
Spiritmaster Tasks
The Spiritmaster has complete power over the elements.

Water, fire, earth or wind – he can call upon these spirits to attack directly.

With his magic powers he can weaken his opponent, inflict fear and play a crucial part in the outcome of a battle with his skills.

Important attributes : knowledge, health, will
Sorcerer Tasks
The Sorcerer follows the Star of Magic.

He is scholar at heart, who turns his power over the spirits into a lethal weapon: aside from the elements, Aether is his greatest ally, with which he can single-handedly decided the outcome of a battle.

Important attributes : knowledge, health, will
Warrior - Scout - Mage - Artist - Engineer
Cleric Tasks
The Cleric follows the Star of Healing.

He uses magic power to strengthen and protect his allies.

He heals injuries and can restore life to his comrades after defeat.

He is also capable of wielding a mace and shield when circumstances require it.

Important attributes: will, knowledge, health
Chanter Tasks
The Chanter is a master of mental strength.

His body and mind undergoes rigorous training to skilfully help his allies with the power of faith.

With his magic skills, mantras and staff he can not only heal, but also raise the morale and discipline of his allies.

Important attributes : power, will, agility
Warrior - Scout - Mage - Priest - Engineer
Bard Tasks
Artists specifically use their MP for attacks, curses or healing spells.

They have low HP, but their power in a group is not to be underestimated.

Once they become Daevas, Artists become Bards, who, armed with string instruments, musically enchant their enemies and allies.

Important attributes: knowledge, health, will
Warrior - Scout - Mage - Priest - Artist
Gunner Tasks
Engineers are specialists for magic machines, which remain a mystery to most of Atreia’s inhabitants.

Their instinct and sharp mind helps them to understand every type of technology.

Once they become Daevas, Engineers become Gunners who make life difficult for their enemies from a distance with Aether Cannons or Aether Revolvers.

Important attributes: agility, health, accuracy
Aethertech Tasks
The Aethertech's weapon is the Aether Key, with which they can not only powerfully strike enemies, but also use to summon their Mech.

This masterpiece of technology steers all attacks in their direction, thereby protecting his comrades from damage.

Important attributes: knowledge, will
Source : Aion Gameforge