Help : Game installation

Game installation

In this section we will help you install the specific version of Aion 4.6.2 for Dawn of Time.

We have made a tool which allow you to install very easily the game. To do so, you just need to follow step by step the tutorial below.

Please go to the downloads.(See the image above)

Chose the Dawn of Time launcher to start downloading it.(See the image above)

Start the download.(See the image above)

Then run the launcher setup file.(See the image above)

Proceed by clicking on the "Execute" button.(See the image above)

Here you are on the setup wizard of the launcher. Click on "Next".(See the image above)

Now select the folder where you wish to install Aion. Careful, provide more or less 30 Go of free space. Then click on "Next".(See the image above)

Click again on "Next".(See the image above)

Check "Lancer ADT Launcher 1.0" and click on "Next".(See the image above)

Here we are launcher is running !

This one displays the last announcements on our forums and the status of Dawn of Time servers.

In order to proceed the game installation, click on "Play".(See the image above)

The launcher will tell you it couldn't find the files of the game and will ask you to download the game. Just click "Yes" in order to proceed to the game installation.(See the image above)

Here you go ! The launcher starts the download and the game installation. The duration is directly linked to your down bandwidth of your internet connection.(See the image above)

When the download is over, the launcher will indicate it to you. Click then on "Ok".(See the image above)

Launching the game is very easy. Just click on "Play".

during the installation, an icon has been installed in your windows menu, and on your desktop as well.(See the image above)

Few seconds after having clicked on "Play", Aion will start and will wait for you to fully enjoy the Down of Time server.(See the image above)