The news of Dawn of Time

:arrow_right_hook: Magic class nerfs in PvP, we have decided to implement a new nerf in test phase to balance the classes by reducing the damage of magic classes in PvP.
:arrow_right_hook: Reward nerf in bg and .vs
:arrow_right_hook: Slight nerf to AP in PvP map chests.
:arrow_right_hook: Nerf of ceranium medals obtained in the gold chest (from 1 to 4 to 1 to 3).
:arrow_double_up: GP UP obtained in FFA.
:arrow_forward: Bingo rewards update
:arrow_forward: Top killers rewards updated.
:new: Introduction of a new currency [ADT] MiniToll coin
This coin can be obtained in different ways.
- In PvE in the PvP map.
- In classic PvP.
- In FFA.
- In RvR.
This coin can be exchanged at a rate of 100 coins for 1 toll.
This coin can be exchanged for the Balaur statue in your capital.
- It exchanges 2500 coins for 2500 coins.
:new: Setting up a new capital shared by Elyseans and Asmodians.
:new: The recharger has been changed and is now present in the common capital.
:new: New PvP map smaller than the eye of tiamaranta.
:new: A capturable garrison has been added to the PvP map, with the legate repopulating every 30 minutes.
:arrow_right_hook: Nerf of the points of votes because of the change of the economy of the server.
:arrow_forward: Remise en place des spawn des autres maps (verteron , ishalgen , poeta)...
:arrow_forward: Remise en place des ressources récoltable.
:arrow_forward: You can once again sell abyssal items to NPCS.
:warning: Some things are under test, we will adjust things if needed.

Posted by Viktor on 25/05/2023 20:35

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- Added cloth attack speed gloves for sale on the NPC Ixiw.
- 30 minute scrolls can now be used in your buff families.
- Changed the Pandarung area in Danaria to a neutral zone.
- Attempt to fix the gunner skill "Gift of magical strength".

Posted by Viktor on 19/05/2023 19:03

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Bonsoir ce soir un événement carte au trésor débutera à 21h30.

Le déroulement de l'événement sera :

L'emplacement de l'évent se déroulera dans la map Pvp de l'oeil.
Des indices seront donnés au fil du temps le but étant de trouver un coffre afin de le loot.
Il y aura plusieurs manches et des récompenses pour les gagnants.

Les groupes seront interdit pendant l'évent

Posted by Cana on 18/05/2023 21:12

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- Fix of the FFA map. It now works correctly!
- Fixing the daily kinah sale limit. (Forgotten in previous Patchnote)
- Fixing the fact that the skill "Mythic Tank" can be dispelled by spells. (Forgotten in previous Patchnote)
- Fixing bug in BGs that could create bugs.
- Attempted to fix the shock dispel on the fact that you can use the skill instantly on stuns.
- Increased the enchantment rate of jewels/serums.
- Changed the rewards for kills.
- Now you get a ceranium medal for every kill instead of two kills.

Posted by Viktor on 18/05/2023 15:35

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Fixes :
Fixed a map in BG that teleported to the wrong location.
Fixed the starting scrolls for the bard, he will now have attack speed scrolls.
Fixed the .bingo roll command for those using English translations of commands.
Fixed Gelkmaros fortress rewards.
Fixed automatic debuff when entering PvP map.

Other :
:new: :test_tube: Implemented new class balancing in test which is identical to the old ADT.
- All magic and physical classes have had their damage reduced.
- This change is currently being tested and may be changed if it does not suit the majority of players.
:new: The Spiritualist now has the ability to use Magma Spirit or Hurricane Spirit regardless of faction.
Both skills share the same CD.
Added NPC spawns for rank 1 stuff in capitals.
Weekly kill rewards are now sent on Monday at 12:00am instead of Monday at 7:00pm to match the weekly kill reset time.

Posted by Viktor on 16/05/2023 02:27

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Fixed the fact that if players did not select the right starting class, open chests were lost.
Corrections of the kills announcements, entry in PvP map, they are now displayed only on the pvp map.
Fixed the price of .all, it is now free.
Fixed respawn points in the PvP map.
Fixed the maximum cube extensions in your capitals. You can now unlock two additional slot lines for kinahs.
Fixed pets not working properly.
Fixed the .gmlist command, it now works correctly.


Removed faction guards in the eye of tiamaranta.
Rebalanced the HP / damage of the monsters in the eye.
Added new spawn and respawn points in the PvP map.
- Added 5 new spawn/respawn points.
Added a new item to the npc **likya** to get consumables for 25 PvE coins. (You can choose what you want from the bag, there is no candy).
Rebalancing of the HP / damage of the mobs of fortesses so that they are feasible in weak number (you will need a heal nevertheless).
Now you automatically learn your spells after creating and choosing your class.
Reduced the cd of the .vs command to 5 minutes.

Posted by Viktor on 11/05/2023 07:20

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Dear Daeva,

It is with great pleasure that we announce the reopening of the Dawn of Time server this Tuesday, May 9, 2023 at 8:00 pm (Time Zone : UTC +2).

We are proud to be able to offer you a new ADT.

We have opted for a 4.6.2 full PvP server with a fast evolution.

Have fun and don't forget that it's a game so make the most of it.

You can register now, download our launcher and install the client .

/!\ Our website will be updated soon.

The staff of ADT is happy for your support.

Thank you and have fun.

Posted by Cana on 05/05/2023 14:09

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